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About Us

Dongyang Boli ultrasonic equipment factory is a professional manufacturer of equipment development and production of ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine is the earliest production enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and in 2002 successfully developed the application in high frequency switch power supply in electroplating industry.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-frequency electroplating power supply adopts IGBT power module is currently the world's most advanced as the amplifier components, the other key device also adopts the foreign famous component manufacturers such as IR, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and other production enterprise products. The factory production of products with advanced international technical level of production, and in line with the conditions of use and habits of domestic enterprises, is one of the few truly adopt international advanced technology professional manufacturers.

The factory in the production process, adhere to the "high standards, strict requirements" scientific optimization design and management of the procedure in production process, developed a set of scientific management systems and operating standards, backward stage production out of experience, truly scientific and rational production, so that the inherent quality and the stability of the product has a reliable guarantee. The factory in the production of standardized products at the same time, but also the needs of customers design and production of non-standard products according to, such as high power, pipeline etc..

The plant adhering to the consistent principle "customer first", we promise "door-to-door service, to the customer within 48 hours". Choose our products, you choose the reliable quality, excellent service, for your career success and a more dynamic.


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